February 20, 2013

Life Chemicals Inc. has released a new set of 100 original scaffolds



We are pleased to inform you that Life Chemicals Inc., a leading provider of compound libraries that consist of novel drug-like and lead-like small organic molecules, has released a new set of 100 original scaffolds synthesized in the laboratories of Life Chemicals.

These scaffolds represent wide structural diversity and novelty of core structures. Based on these templates more than 9,000 lead-like compounds were synthesized and added to LC stock.

Following this link you will find a complete list of scaffolds included into February update of our catalogue.

If you prefer to download SDF file with the structures of final compounds, please click here.

All compounds have purity of at least 90 %, and are drug-like, follow rules of Lipinski and Veber, and do not have any reactive groups or undesired functionalities. Analytical data (LC-MS and/or NMR) for all compounds are available upon request free of charge. Life Chemicals guarantees re-supply and re-synthesis, and will be happy to work with you on lead optimization projects and SAR studies.

Please, contact us to receive more details.