February 22, 2016

New pre-plated sets from Life Chemicals: off-the-shelf assay-ready diversity libraries


Life Chemicals is pleased to present you newly prepared pre-plated Diversity Sets from our  HTS and Advanced screening collections. 
4 non-overlapping sets with 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000 carefully selected compounds and the entire Diversity library of 50,000 compounds are available at very attractive prices.

The compounds are formatted as 50 uL of 10 mM DMSO-solutions in 384-well plates, 320 compounds per plate, and meet following criteria:

  • Lipinski Rule of 5 & Veber Rules
  • No reactive and unstable molecules
  • Lilly MedChem Rules
  • PAINS filters families A, B, C applied
  • No overlap with old Life Chemicals' 50K Diversity Set
  • Stock availability 50 mg+
  • Purity of at least 90%, analytical data (LC-MS and/or NMR) are available upon request free-of charge.


Compounds are available for immediate delivery.

Life Chemicals guarantees re-supply, and will be happy to work with you on lead optimization projects and SAR studies.