OrderingOrdering Procedure

Ordering Procedure

How to Order

To order compounds please send us a Purchase Order to orders@lifechemicals.com containing the following information:

-  Purchase Order Number

-  Delivery address

-  Invoice address

-  List of compounds (ID numbers and weights)

-  Formatting

-  Delivery date


Terms of delivery

Small selections of stock compounds (<100 items) are shipped within 3 working days upon the confirmation of Customer's Purchase Order (PO). Any larger selection of Compounds will be shipped within 1-3 weeks after the confirmation of the Customer's Purchase Order. In case of very large orders (over 5000 compounds) Customer will be informed on exact delivery time separately.

INCOTERMS 2010 shall apply. Unless otherwise agreed by the. Life Chemicals Inc. and Customer, all shipments of Compounds shall be FCA Kiev via international courier service or FCA via US domestic courier service, to the Customer's specified delivery location. Freight for FCA delivery will be added to invoices. Any deviation from these INCOTERMS requires explicit written acceptance of alternative terms by Life Chemicals Inc.

After dispatch of a shipment, Life Chemicals Inc. will notify the Customer of the courier tracking number, total number of shipped samples, number of boxes and other relevant information for each particular shipment.

We provide an ISIS Compatible SD file with all shipments. The standard data file includes our catalogue ID number, 2d structure of the compound, molecular weight, exact quantity, position of the compound in the box (for vials) or in the plate (for tubes in plates).

Packing lists are available for all shipments of any format.


Payment terms

Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice. Life Chemicals Inc. reserves the right to suspend or change credit terms at any time.

Overdue payments will bear interest from the payment due date at 15% per annum.

Customer is responsible for all wire transfer fees and similar bank payment charges.

Payment of invoiced amount shall be made net of all bank charges.

Customer shall bear and make payment of all bank payment charges at time of payment of invoiced amount.

Customer shall reimburse Life Chemical Inc. for all NSF bank charges.