OrderingTerms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Compounds can be delivered in:

-  standard 4mL Kimble/Chase (Manufacturer's Cat #.60920D-1, Vials Cat. # 60815-1545 (4 ml, 15x45 mm) caps Cat. # 73802-13425 (black) amber glass vials with rubber-lined plastic screw caps or in

-  96 well plates (Matrix# 4247, racked tubes cat. #4247 (round-bottom tube, 1,4 ml) with caps strips cat. #4413. or cap mats# 4430).

Vials are packed in standard carton boxes. The map of their location in a box is enclosed.

If a small number of compounds is shipped in vials, they are packed first in blister and then in standard carton boxes.

Compounds can be delivered in any other vials or plates of customer's choice. Customer can send his own containers or we can purchase them according to the Customer's guidelines. In the latter case the cost of containers will be included in the total cost of shipment.

The weighing accuracy in mini tube racks is +/- 0.1 mg

Each plate/vial is labelled with a plate identifier.

If Customer decides to use standard plate of Life Chemicals Inc., we will charge the additional cost of the plate USD 15 / EUR 9 per plate for orders less than 50 compounds.

A large number of compounds shall be packed with plastic foam and bar coded and labelled according to the Customer's requirements. Each box in the shipment will be labelled with the Customer's and Life Chemicals Inc. addresses and proper handling marks (TOP, BOTTOM, FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE).