Products and Services

Products and Services

Life Chemicals offers cost-effective solutions and well-recognised expertise to meet your needs in products of organic synthesis. Our area of specialization is heterocyclic chemistry, but we also carry out complex synthetic projects in other fields of organic chemistry. Our main products are:


  • Over 1,347,000 drug-like and lead-like screening compounds for HTS with stock collection of 451,000 items;


  • Screening Libraries: Pre-plated Diversity sets, 11 Fragment Libraries, more than 60 carefully designed targeted and focused libraries (including Kinase, Protease, PPI, Ion Channel, GPCR, Epigenetics and many other)


  • Custom Synthesis and Contract Research including design and synthesis of custom compounds libraries.


  • Computational Chemistry services using advanced up-to-date software and the most modern approaches in chemoinformatics and computer-aided drug design.


  • Fully integrated Early Drug Discovery services (Hit identification/Hit-to-Lead/Lead optimization)


  • Almost 160,000 fine building blocks for your in-house synthetic projects.


You Can Search Molecules by Structure!!!