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Screening Libraries

Screening Libraries are the broad pre-selections of compounds with certain biological activity from Life Chemicals database of stock available compounds.

Focused Libraries

To adequately facilitate drug discovery process for its customers, Life Chemicals has designed a series of Focused Compound Libraries on the basis of available knowledge on targets specificities and their ligands along with combination of various PhysChem parameters and descriptors. Our focused screening sets were created using hot-topic scientific information within combination of various advanced computer-aided techniques.

Targeted Libraries

Target-specified Libraries of drug-like compounds with in silico predicted protein affinity were created by applying different computational methods used in Bioinformatics and Structure-Based Drug Design. The Libraries were created with Receptor-based approach to obtain sets of new promising molecules. Keeping pace with modern trends in Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry, Life Chemicals has focused on protein targets as those of highest demand.

Activity-based Libraries

Activity Based Libraries were designed to provide our customers with convenient classification of Life Chemicals Stock Compound Collection according to their potential application in different fields of drug development. The libraries were designed to maximally fit specified activity areas, using combination of validated descriptors and compound properties as well as 2D or 3D similarity searches towards the reference sets of highly active molecules.

Fsp3-enriched Compounds

The Library containing 38,400 Fsp3-enriched compounds was designed, considering an increased importance of molecular complexity and presence of chiral centers in organic compounds, that rise their potential as good drug candidates and, thus, efficiently covers biologically relevant chemical space.

Natural Product-like Compounds Libraries

Life Chemicals presents a collection of Natural Product-like compounds, containing 2 subsets generated through similarity and substructure searches.

CUTE Targeted Libraries