Focused Libraries

To adequately facilitate drug discovery process for its customers, Life Chemicals has designed a series of Focused Compound Libraries on the basis of available knowledge on targets specificities and their ligands along with combination of various PhysChem parameters and descriptors. Our focused screening sets were created using hot-topic scientific information within combination of various advanced computer-aided techniques. 

Following Focused Libraries are available:

Protein families:

Kinase Focused Libraries

  • Kinase Focused Library - Similarity (30,800 compounds): Similarity search against ChEMBL reference set
  • Kinase Screening Library (KSL) - over 2,200 compounds - consists of high quality inhibitors & activators to target key kinases in Cancer and Inflammation: ABL, AKT, AMPK, Aur, CDK, CHK1, CK2, cKIT, ERK, FLT3, GSK3, HER, JAKs, LCK, MEK1, mTOR, p38a, PAK, PDK1, PI3K, PIM, PKM2, PLK1, ROCK, Src, Syk, Tyk2, VEGFR


ATPase Focused Libraries:


Protease Focused Libraries:


Protease Focused LASSO Screening Libraries:


Polymerase Focused Libraries:


Phosphatase Focused Library:


CYP inhibitors Library:


Helicase Focused Library:


Ion Channels Focused Libraries:


Glutamate Receptors


Specific action:

PPI Inhibitors (Ligand-based):


Peptidomimetics Library:


RNA Focused Library

  • RNA Focused Library (1,000 compounds): Superposition of 2D Similarity Search and Bayesian Modeling


Epigenetics Focused Library


Agrochemical Library

  • Agrochemical Library (about 13,000 compounds): Selection by specific phys-chem parameters & Similarity search. 4 subsets of special agrochemical agents.


Veterinary Library

  • Veterinary Library (240 compounds): 2D similarity search against a reference set of FDA approved veterinary drugs.


Covalent Inhibitors


Biologically Active Compounds

  • Bioactive Compounds (5,800 compounds): Library of the compounds with experimental data on biological activity


Task Specific Calixarenes

  • Task Specific Calixarenes (300 compounds): Calixarenes - macrocyclic vases widely used as molecular platforms for construction of specific receptors capable of highly selective recognition between fairly similar substrates. Calixarenes have found their application in drug design, diagnostics, drug delivery systems and in such fields of technology as processing of spent nuclear fuel, chemosensors, separation and purification, catalysis, nanotechnologies, optoelectronics and gases storage.