Targeted Libraries

Target-specified Libraries of drug-like compounds with in silico predicted protein affinity were created by applying different computational methods used in Bioinformatics and Structure-Based Drug Design. The Libraries were created with Receptor-based approach to obtain sets of new promising molecules. Keeping pace with modern trends in Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry, Life Chemicals has focused on protein targets as those of highest demand.

Available are the following Targeted Libraries:

Kinase Targeted Docking Library

  • Kinase Targeted Docking Library (15,000 compounds): CDK2, GSK3, PKB, SRC (2 structures), EGFR. Virtual docking and subsequent general pharmacophore filtering


Sharp-aimed Kinase Targeted Libraries: Advanced docking screening methods and subsequent detailed analysis of each protein-ligand complex structure


Phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE10) Targeted Library


Deubiquitinase Targeted & Focused Libraries


Aquaporins Targeted Libraries


Transmembrane Receptors Targeted Libraries


Nuclear Receptors Targeted Library


PPI Inhibitors (Receptor-based)


Epigenetics Targeted Library