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Custom Synthesis Projects

For years since its foundation Life Chemicals has delivered more than just small molecules to its customers. In response to diverse outsourcing needs of life science research organisations and commercial enterprises we have successfully fulfilled custom synthesis projects for a number of pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical companies.

Making best use of its professional expertise and well-tried experience, Life Chemicals is pleased to offer its custom synthesis services, including:

Custom Libraries:

  • based on scaffolds of Life Chemicals
  • based on scaffolds of the customer
  • custom targeted libraries


Individual Compounds:

  • based on described procedures
  • synthesis procedure development
  • process optimization and scale-up


Life Chemicals also offers services on hit-to-lead optimization in the course of which hit structure is modified to improve potency, selectivity as well as ADMET.

Our researchers work in various fields of modern organic chemistry, concentrating, in particular, on heterocyclic and element organic chemistry.

We have developed flexible customer-tailored approach, enabling us to apply different operating mechanisms and meet customers' specific requirements. For large-scale and long-term projects FTE has proven to be very effective, while in other cases advantage can best be taken of "bid per project", "bid per compound" or "bid per chemical step". To protect customers' interests projects are fulfilled under confidential agreements.

As direct contacts between the customer and the chemists, involved in custom synthesis, have turned out to be very fruitful, Life Chemicals provides them on a regular basis.

In addition to the above, budget considerations are of no less importance, and Life Chemicals is always ready to negotiate and work out mutually beneficial terms of its product and service supply.