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Compound Collection for HTS

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Life Chemicals presents its Collection of Small Molecules for High-throughput Screening that today contains nearly 1,350,000 compounds. Describing the Collection qualitatively, among other generally acknowledged and reliable standards the Lipinski's "Rule of five" as well as Veber criteria and dissimilarity evaluation have been applied. All screening compounds in our Collection can be distinguished as original, most carefully selected, diverse, well-characterised and pure, lead-like and drug-like chemical entities.

With an emphasis on customers individual needs in their search for relevant compounds the Collection has shown our latest research and development results as two parts: Stock and Tangible databases. The stock includes now over 453,000 compounds synthesized in-house by our highly qualified synthetic chemistry team. Their synthesis, validated and refined, has enabled our chemists to use well tried and tested methods to obtain tangible small molecules as soon as the customer selects them. Our Tangible database includes Historical Collection of Tangible HTS Compounds, that comprises nearly 743,000 structures proposed and synthesized by our chemists during over 20 years' of their work, and recently designed new Tangible HTS Collection, representing over 153,000 the most novel and unique Scaffold-based compounds and Fragments, that can be synthesized upon request.

In order to increase the overall quality of its compound collection Life Chemicals has launched in-house Compound Collection Enhancement (CCE) program in December 2016. The key idea of the program is careful selection of the Scaffolds and decorating reagents aimed at novelty, uniqueness, lead-likeness, diversity and attractive chemotype of the synthesized compounds. Here you can explore the full set of the Scaffolds and Scaffold-based compounds designed in the framework of Life Chemicals' CCE program.

As a special proposition we present new database of Scaffolds & Scaffold-based Compounds extracted by ChemoInformatics approach.

On the average, stock amounts available for sale off-shelf are within 75 mg. They can be supplied immediately upon receiving your purchase order.

As far as our virtual structures are concerned, it will take us just a few weeks to supply them and their derivatives, with an estimated suppliability being up to 80%. The greatest advantage of your selecting from these products is a unique access to most novel molecules to be promptly synthesised and delivered oven-hot to your Company.

All screening compounds provided by Life Chemicals are at least 90% pure, with their characteristics being described by NMR and/or LCMS. Analytical information can be given to the customer upon request.

The Collection is available both as ISIS base db and sdf files. Any selection approaches, including just singular compounds, cherry picking or blanket orders, can be applied. We can also perform pre-selection according to particular criteria specified by the customer. To best support our customers on-going projects re-synthesis and 90% re-supply are guaranteed.

Life Chemicals provides any compound formats, transportation safe packing and courier mail delivery of its products.